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The cloud For the demands + workflows of modern diagnostics.

Radiology Application Services

Care providers, radiologists and medical groups can now connect to Radiology Application Services (RAS) quickly, securely and locally. We’ve invested heavily in datacenter, server, security and networking to ensure RAS functions flawlessly.

RAS is the cost effective solution for for distributed radiology teams, and new sites can be provisioned within minutes, increasing your geographical reach and operational focus.

Get started

RAS is currently available in the UK, USA, and Australia

  • Fully featured RAS

    No need for your own IT equipment or personnel. Full RIS, PACS, and storage services. We provide servers, firewalls,databases, and operating systems.

  • Data governance

    We strictly adhere to each region’s data governance and security requirements.

  • Cost effective

    Clear and easy pricing. No hourly, peak, or over usage charges. Your investment can now focus on people rather than IT equipment.

  • Fully monitored

    Os, file and block level monitoring 24/7.